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Most homeowner begins working on their property before they realize that the party wall etc act 1996 applies to them. If they have a nice neighbor, they are quick to resolve the issue and follow the process set in the law.

What is a party wall etc Act?

The party wall act is a law that aims to combat disputes resulting from party wall in the neighborhood. A party wall is that wall that separates your part of the building from that of your neighbor’s. This wall can be a lot of things – including a wall, ceiling, chimney or a structure on the boundary. Until the act was passed into law in1997, it was difficult to resolved party wall matter, and although it is a law, most people still don’t know about it

A party wall surveyor

A party wall surveyor is a professional with a vast understanding of the law that helps in resolving the issues of the party wall among neighbors. Our services include acting on your behalf or by your side in issue relating to the party wall.

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