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The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is a detailed guideline implemented in 1997 for preventing or resolving any dispute that arises due to party walls, boundary wall, or excavating near a neighbors wall.

However, before a building owner can begin any work on their property, it must be covered by the Party Wall etc Act 1996, and it includes serving notices two months earlier and ensuring that you receive a response prior to works on the property. If the adjoining owner doesn’t agree with you, then disputes need to be resolved in accordance with what is stated in the Act.

In addition to the regular aspect covered by the Act 1996, the following are also covered by the act;

  • A wall that is on the boundary of the property of two adjoining owners instead of one
  • Construction that involved cutting into a party wall
  • Construction on the party wall; increase the size, length, or height
  • Removing, replacing or rebuilding a chimney on a party wall
  • Destroying a party wall and rebuilding it
  • Excavating deeper than the foundation of an adjoining owner

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