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Disputes over party walls are mostly a result of two neighbors not knowing who exactly owns the wall and even though, the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a very common acts people still don’t know or understand why or how to go about it.

What do I need for a party wall?

Before you begin working on any construction in the Paddington or surrounding area, you need a party wall notice. This notice gives you full authority to work on the wall including but not limited to excavating, and other construction works on the property.

The party wall is a solution between the dispute between neighbors and to facilitate the building owner carry out a construction worker with the right paperwork without any court order been served by either party to one another.

Having a party wall set up in Paddington can be troublesome without a good and experienced team that will take the stress of your shoulders and go to the extent of having professionals set up the party wall for you too.

With that done, please call us at 07815051255, or email us to book an appointment for your initial meet. We will talk you through the legal process to enable you to know your rights and responsibility under the Party Wall etc. act 1996.

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