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  1. The residential neighborhood of Pimlico located in central London is a beautiful city with old-school pubs and historic buildings that tell the story of the evolution of London.

    Most residents in Pimlico appreciate the style and convenience of the city but are tempted to make changes to their home to transport it to the 21st-century design by updating the design or structure. This doesn’t come without issues among co-owners. This can be prevented with proper knowledge of the Party Wall act and a good surveyor.

    What is a Party Wall etc Act Surveyor

    A Party Wall surveyor is a surveyor that specializes in all matters Party Wall law which was passed in 1997 after the initial agreement in 1996. This law was set to allow owners and co-owners partake on home improvement plans by informing their neighbors prior to any work on their property.

    The reasons for a surveyor goes beyond checking the building but also ensure that all aspect of the law is well comprehended by all party involved. The best surveyors in the Pimlico area and surroundings is from Jordan Brettell, a 25 years veteran in the surveyor industry with a team of professionals that will handle your party wall matter faster, swifter and efficiently.

    If you need our service, call us today to book a free initial appointment on 07815015255 for unbeatable service and a calmer way to solve any matter wall matter in the Pimlico area.

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