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The Party Wall Act is indiscriminate in that it can apply to all Leytonstone properties.  The Party Wall Act sets out a mandatory process to follow for any Leytonstone property owner seeking to make adjustments to a shared wall or boundary.

The Party Wall Act applies to Leytonstone’s Victorian terraced homes, its commercial properties on the High Street, its new builds and E11’s listed buildings. You may think that Leytonstone’s rare detached houses would get away with it, but even they share external boundaries with their neighbours.

Under Section One of the Party Wall Act you would have to serve your Leytonstone neighbour with a Party Wall Notice at least one month before starting to increase or reduce the height of your garden wall.

Under Section Two of the Party Wall Act you must give your adjoining Leytonstone neighbour an official two month notice period before doing any work which involves cutting into a party wall within your Leytonstone property, for example to remove a chimney breast notice or insert beams for a loft conversion.

Under Section Six of the Party Wall Act you must serve a Party Wall Notice within a month of proposing to excavate close your Leytonstone neighbour’s property and to a deeper level than their foundations.

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