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If you live in Islington and you propose to have a Party Wall, you should know that you will have to do that by serving your adjoining neighbour a Party Wall Notice. So many people in Islington are not aware of how a Party Wall notice works until they are stuck in the middle of their project.

You will need to save yourself all the stress and let the experts carry out their work. A Party Wall Surveyor will do all these with and ensure that you know your civil rights and responsibility and all the necessary step you are to follow to accomplish it.

Where else can you get the most experienced Surveyors that can tackle the issues of Party Wall? There is no doubt about Jordan Brettell rendering all the services you need to make sure that your Part Wall notice regulation is met and served within the best time frame.

Serving a Party Wall notice is a good thing to do but the manner, step and time you serve it count a lot in Islington. People always encounter trouble serving their adjoining property owner in Islington Party Wall Notice. At Jordan Brettell, we will make sure that you encounter no difficulty doing that.


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