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A Party Wall Notice is simply a way of letting your Stoke Newington neighbour know that work is going to be carried out to a wall that you both share.

The Party Wall Notice details when you intend for the work on your Stoke Newington party wall to begin.  You must give at least one month’s notice if you are constructing a new external wall or excavating close to a shared boundary, or two months if the work involves cutting into or modifying an existing party wall.

Details of the work and your contact details must also be included on the Party Wall Notice.  Plans and drawings may also be required if you are notifying your Stoke Newington neighbour of excavation work.

Prior to sending a Party Wall Notice officially, why not knock on the door of your Stoke Newington neighbour, and let them know, in person, that it is coming.  A human, friendly touch can go a long way and you might find that your neighbours are more likely to give consent or agree to your appointed Party Wall Surveyor if you have taken the time to answer their questions and show your face.

For more free, initial advice on Party Wall Notices particular to your Stoke Newington development call Party Wall Surveyor Paul Brettell on 07815 051255.

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