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Are you unfamiliar with the Party Wall Act?  Have you heard that the building work you are planning to undertake to your Hoddesdon home comes under the Party Wall Act?  Would you like to know what the Party Wall Act involves?  Are you keen to learn where to start?

You have come to the right site.  Jordan Brettell have decades of experience helping property owners in the Hoddesdon area work through the implications of the Party Wall Act.

Sit back and lets begin a quick introduction to The Party Wall Act:

  1. The Party Wall Act aims to protect you and your Hoddesdon neighbour as you undertake building work to a shared wall.
  2. The Party Wall Act sets out that you need to give your adjoining Hoddesdon property owner formal notice of your intention to do building work on your shared party wall.
  3. Your Hoddesdon neighbour can give their consent to this notice (called a Party Wall Notice) and work can begin.
  4. Alternatively your adjoining Hoddesdon neighbour can choose not to give consent to this notice. In which case the Party Wall Act necessitates that one or more Party Wall Surveyors draft a Party Wall Agreement for the owner of both Hoddesdon properties to sign.
  5. Once the Party Wall Agreement is in place the work can go ahead with both property owners covered in case of further dispute or damage.

If you would like expert, professional advice on the Party Wall Act advice please do not hesitate to contact the experienced Party Wall Surveyor Paul Brettell on 07815 051255.

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