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Famous for its outdoor lifestyle, this bubbling town is always in need of improvement to stay ahead of the lifestyle and drive for more business.

However, just because it is a bubbling town doesn’t give property owners the right to start any construction work without the proper documentation in hand.

So are you a property owner with the hope of expanding the property, call on us today and have the paperwork done. The surveyor can help you extend your veranda, work on a new ceiling, roofing, and even improve the interior decorator of your building to enhance its face value for sale in the real estate market.

Who are Party wall Surveyors?

Party wall surveyors are an expert skill set in the real estate industry with a specialty in the area of dissolving or preventing party wall dispute between property owners and their neighbors following the guidelines of the Party Wall etc. act passed in the house 1996.

Getting the work done to deserve the best surveyor, Jordan Brettell Limited with years of experience and expert team that will help you with all the paperwork and dealing with the neighbors.

For more information, call us for an initial meet free of charge and get the right team support needed to make that improvement.

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