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Expanding your space is legal by law but so is informing your neighbors and getting the proper surveyors, and documentation for the job.

Do you know that more than half of the homeowners around Swiss Cottage are negligent of this simple law and end up paying a huge fine due to it? To avoid this, equip yourself with a good surveyor that will get through the Party wall issue with you or on your behalf earnestly.

Jordan Brettell Limited is a surveyors company that deals in Party Wall matter and work in accordance with the Party Wall etc act 1996 to ensure that your property and the adjoining owner to a party wall are fully aware and satisfied with the notice before commencing any work on your property.

 For the best surveyors with decades of experience to see you through your work in Swiss Cottage, Call on us today on 07815015225 or book a free initial appointment with us to know your rights and how to go about informing your adjoining owners without any future dispute.

Our surveyor will also check the building and its compliance with the Party Wall etc act 1996 before any work begins on it.

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