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  1. Jordan Brettell Limited is your residential surveyor professional in the Notting Hill area and surrounding, we have been in the business of resolving disputes arising from party walls and disagreeing neighbors.

    What is a party wall?

    A party wall is a divide that separates two properties; this wall is important when one owner decides to do some renovation work on their property.

    If you are planning to do some renovation work on your building, it is important by law to inform your neighbor but to get the right; a surveyor with adequate knowledge and experience will help you with the process and also check that your building complies with the Act 1996.

    Furthermore, it is vital and mandated by law to serve your neighbor whether directly or indirectly linked by the party wall a notice termed the party wall notice. Jordan Brettell surveyor will get all documents and take the stress of pursuing your paperwork, by getting the right notice served, received, and forwarded to the parties involved.

    With our surveyor review of your property, you are not limited to the number of renovation work to perform on your property including roofing, ceiling, woodwork, or heavy and noisy machinery. Visit our office today for a free and open consultation or call 07851051255.

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