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The Party Wall etc Act 1996 passed into law in 1997 was just upgraded in 2016 to cover more aspect where homeowners feel they deserve the right to make certain changes on their property. We bet you didn’t know that.

For more information on what changes have been effected in the Party Wall etc Act, get in touch with Jordan Brettell and Co. today. It is often necessary for property owners, and adjoining co-owners to understand the Act as following half of the guidelines might set you in trouble with the law resulting in a huge fine.

Some things that you should know regarding the party wall act are:

  • There must be a written consent concerning the kind of work you intend to do and sent to all your adjoining neighbors that have a link with a party wall or divide
  • The adjoining neighbors have two weeks by law to respond to the written documents
  • These and other set guidelines can prove too much for the homeowner, hence the need for a surveyor with an immense understanding of the Party Wall etc Act passed in 1996.

To ensure all loopholes are covered and within the stated guideline, Jordan Brettell has a well put together team of surveyors that will explain, follow up all the needed paperwork, and handle your co-owners too.

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