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Anyone intending to carry out construction work on their property must ensure that it is covered in the Party Wall etc Act 1996. The Act stated that all adjoining neighbors must be served a notice known as the party wall notice or permit. This process is supposed to flawless and without stress, but in cases where a dispute arises, your best bet at solving this issue is to hire the services of a surveyor.

If you reside in the Convent Garden area and surrounding, the law applies to you if you fall in any of the three categories;

  • Any work or renovations that will affect an existing wall on a boundary on the owner’s property
  • Planning to erect a wall on a boundary line
  • Intending to excavate 3 to 6 meters away from a neighbor’s boundary line

If your plan falls in any of the three above, get a qualified surveyor now. Jordan Brettell Limited has been in the surveying business for over 25 years and has built a reputation as the number one go-to party wall surveyor in Covent Garden and surrounding. Since it is mandatory to follow the law, Jordan Brettell Limited will provide you with a surveyor that will help you through the process. Call us now on 07815015255.

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