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Getting a non-cosmetic renovation on your building is not bad; after all, it beautifies the neighborhood and community at large. However, since renovation are bound to disturb the neighbor, there is a law that is in place that aims to protect the rights of your adjoining owners and limits the amount of noise you can create during renovations.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 was implemented in 1997 July and is aimed at homeowners get in touch with their adjoining neighbors about any work that will be performed on their property. This notice has to be in writing and properly panned out.

So if you are in the situation that has to do with your property or a disagreeing owner, please pick up that phone and dial 07851051255 for the services of expert party wall surveyors from Jordan Brettell Limited. We will help to go through your property noting all measurements, we will verify if your building is complaints with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 prior to working on it.

We will organize a free initial meeting to discuss the party wall and how you can work with your adjoining neighbors. Jordan Brettell, Party wall surveyors at your fingertips.

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