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Landed properties in open spaces can be a source of trouble and disputes especially when a major work needs to be done. At Bowes Park, we will offer you our one-off personal service to prevent any dispute arising from the Party wall in accordance with the passed Party Wall etc Act 1996.

Why the Party Wall Act?

Even though neighbors and co-owners understand the fact that improvement needs and can be done on a property at any time for various reasons, it is paramount to ensure that as the owner of the property needed to be worked upon, you inform all those directly or indirectly linked to a party wall before starting any construction work.

The prevent of dispute gave rise to the Party Wall etc Act 1996 to see to it that all neighbor and most especially adjoining owner are at an amicable point when work is done on their property.

Party Wall surveyors are not your regular surveyors; Jordan Brettell Limited has the best professional and well-read Party Wall act team to handle and undertake any matter concerning the party wall.

We will help you attend to your neighbor, serve and receive the notice, ensure that your property is within the guidelines as stated in the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and let work go on smoothly without troubles. Call us today for a free initial Consultation.


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