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 If you are planning building work on your Barnet property and it impacts a wall shared with your Barnet neighbour, or if it involves excavating or building near the boundary line, you are legally obligated to issue the owner of your adjoining Barnet property with a Party Wall Notice.

The amount of notice that you give to your Barnet neighbour, via the Party Wall Notice, depends on the type of building work you are planning.

The Party Wall Act sets out the following:

  • For the construction of a new wall along the shared junction of your Barnet property you will need to serve your Barnet neighbours with a Party Wall Notice at least one month before the development begins.
  • If you are planning non-cosmetic work to an existing shared wall (internal or external) within your Barnet property you will need to issue a Party Wall Notice at least two months before work begins.
  • Should your plans involve excavation work on your Barnet home or commercial property you will likely need to give a Party Wall Notice to your neighbour with at least one month’s notice.

If you would like professional advice on the particular timescales relating to the Party Wall Notice needed for your Barnet development work please do contact Jordan Brettell.  Phone today for a free, initial discussion on 07815 051 255.

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