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As much as notice is important when there is work on an adjoining neighbor’s property beyond the party wall, not all works need a notice. However, if you hear some hammering or drilling, you can knock on your neighbor’s door and ask what is going on.

Renovations that need a notice served are:

  • Working close to a wall divider or close to a boundary shared by both neighbors
  • Renovations that will affect the length, height or width a party wall
  • Excavating near the wall
  • Renovations that will affect part of the neighbor’s property

With that said, a surveyor will be able to get you the necessary requirements to get the work started without any hassle.

At Jordan Brettell Limited, we don’t just go all out to be your surveyor, we also advise you on how to relate with your neighbor. This is essential because there are cases where we have been able to talk to neighbors and had work done without serving any notice or annoying anyone too.

Our services are for you; book that initial free meeting with us now by calling 07815051255 or send us an email on , and we will respond immediately or send a surveyor to inspect the building. You can also log in to our website and get a quote.

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