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When the party wall act 1996 came in been in 1997, homeowners, co-owner, adjoining owners now had the rights and permission to speak up regarding legal or illegal work or home improvement taking place near or on a party wall regardless of which side of the wall you are located.

Although the party wall does not affect the requirement for getting a building regulation approved or denied; it does, however, call to question the disruption of peace and tranquility among the neighbors and owners of the wall and community of Edmonton.

Furthermore, to ensure that no job is done outside the guidelines stated by the Party Wall act of 1996, Jordan Brettell Limited surveyors will ensure that your property stays within the act.

The law comes to play when a wall common to two or more property needs to be work on, around or within its premises.

When a shared ceiling need refurbishing by an owner

When a major change or construction is ongoing such as a basement or garage, etc

To avoid any dispute, the act stated that all parties involved should be notified by mouth and with notices that should be signed by all before any work is done.

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