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Are you planning a renovation or DIY project near an adjoining property in Southgate any time soon? Then you have to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the Party Wall etc Act 1996, which will allow you to reach an amicable agreement with your neighbors without any hassle.

The act is implemented to allow you to work on your property and have the power to work without infringing on your neighbor’s rights. To truly stay ahead of the Party Wall etc. Act means you need the services of a good surveyor who knows all the guides, regulation and a handy guide to the party wall agreements. To avoid a hefty fine, we advise clients on the reasons why the Party Wall etc. act is followed to the best surveyors in the Southgate region, get in touch with Jordan Brettell Limited with a team of specialist surveyors that will help you with all the issues on the Party Wall matter.

The Party Wall act covers all construction work that includes lowered ceilings, making changes to an existing wall, demolished part of a boundary or rebuilding it. It also includes all construction works that involves hammering, drilling, worker coming in and out of the property.

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