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More and more, space is becoming an issue as it is now limited. You might be faced with challenges when you want to extend your property, especially if it is built as part of a big estate.

You will agree with me on the space issue if you are considering building up and choosing to use the loft space in your home. You get to find out there isn’t much space like you need.

Well, if you fall under this category, your decisions might in a way affect your neighbour without you even realising. There is a high possibility of it affecting your neighbour especially if a Party Wall is included in your design.

To be on the safe side and avoid all forms of future dispute, the easiest way to get through is to send a Party Wall notice and include all they need to know about what you want to do and when you will be doing it. By doing this, your neighbour already has an idea of what you want to do, and you have given the chance for a contest just in case there would be affected by your project and if they are okay with it- with their consent, the whole process will become smooth a day runs faster.

Having a good Party Wall surveyor will save you cost and stress!

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