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In keeping with the Party Wall etc Act 1996, Jordan Brettell Limited will cover all your grounds in Holborn and the surrounding areas. The Party Wall is independently regulated with surveyors having the upper hand to ensure that homeowners follow the law else bare a hefty fine by law.

The act applies to the following areas: improvement or repairs on an existing wall shared with a neighbor, building or constructing on a boundary likely shared with a neighbor, excavating close to a neighboring wall and a notice is, therefore, vital to inform the party when and why the fixing needs to be done. Furthermore, the surveyor will help you get the necessary registration done, serve the paper to all parties, collect the response from the parties, and ensure that all repairs are within the law.

This process is important to prevent disputes, ensure a happy community, and save you from paying a fine from ignoring the law.

With that done, please call us at 07815051255, or email us to book an appointment for your initial meet. We will talk you through the legal process to enable you to know your rights and responsibility under the Party Wall etc. act 1996.

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