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  1. Most times people wonder why the need for a surveyor but the truth is adjoining owners feel wronged when a notice lands on their front mat that a renovation will be ongoing on a neighbor’s property.

    Even though this is legal and the proper procedure to follow as stated in the 1996 Party Wall etc Act; co-owners still get angry at a notice dropping at their doormat without prior notice. Jordan Brettell Limited has party wall surveyors that will help you handle the process. When the power is passed to us;

    • We will speak to the neighbors on your behalf before dropping a notice at their doorstep.
    • Secondly, we will follow up with the notice and give each adjoining owners, the recommended two-week time frame to allow the owners to sign the paper sent forth
    • Where one or more party disagree, we will stand in for you to iron out all the problems as an agreed surveyor
    • Lastly, we will get all the proper documentation done and submitted to all parties and work can begin sooner than later on your property after all the checks and certification is done

    If you have renovations in the Bayswater area, call us today on 07815051255 to get started with your party wall work.

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