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 Many Stoke Newington property owners aren’t familiar with the Party Wall Act.  This is no surprise. You have no need to know about the Party Wall Act until you receive a Party Wall Notice or until you decide to make changes to a party wall within your own property.

So at the point when you do need to know about the Party Wall Act, it is useful to have access to a specialist Party Wall Surveyor, who can give advice and guidance based on years spent helping property owners around boroughs such as Stoke Newington understand the Party Wall Act and adhere to its requirements.

A Party Wall Surveyor can help you understand your rights and help you to take the best option when you receive a Party Wall Notice from an adjoining Stoke Newington neighbour.

A Party Wall Surveyor can also help guide you through the procedure, set out by the Party Wall Act, when constructing, modifying or cutting into party walls in your Stoke Newington property.

Jordan Brettell was established in 1998, a year after the Party Wall Act came into law.  Find out how this firm of professional Party Wall Surveyors with a commitment to quality, can help guide you through your Stoke Newington party wall development.  Call Paul on 07815 051255.

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