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 Property in Hackney has to work hard.  Space is tight and prices are high.  So Hackney property owners are often tempted to try to stretch their space and add even more value.

One way to stretch your space is to rearrange the layout of your Hackney flat. Alternatively you could plan an extension if you are in one of Hackney’s terraced properties or convert your loft space. Hackney’s housing stock is mainly flats and terraces, with lots of shared walls and boundaries, so any decision to convert or extend a property is likely to mean you need a Party Wall Agreement with your adjoining neighbour.

A Party Wall Agreement is a way to ensure that your right to modify your property is fulfilled while also looking after the rights of your Hackney neighbour.

The Party Wall Agreement sets out the details of the development, the timescales, access arrangements, insurance policies and working hours prior to the work beginning.  This will ensure there are no surprises and help you avoid unnecessary conflict with your Hackney neighbour as the development proceeds.

Give Party Wall Surveyor Paul Brettell a call on 07815 051255 for free initial guidance on the need for a Party Wall Agreement for your planned Hackney development today.

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