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As a nation, we love owning property.  Your Southgate home can offer you and your family security, a roof over your head, a place to grow, and an investment for the future.

Because of the importance of your Southgate home to you and those that live with you, it is crucial that you protect your investment. And, as such, it is important that you take property law, such as the Party Wall Act seriously when undertaking building work to your home.

That is why, before carrying out any significant work to your semi-detached property, terraced home or flat, you must consider the Party Wall Act 1996.

The Party Wall Act is written to protect you as you carry out structural work to a shared internal or external wall within your Southgate property as well as to protect the rights of your neighbours.

The Party Wall Act protects Southgate property owners carrying out structural work by ensuring that no false damage claims can be made by adjoining neighbours and vice versa that no real damage claims are denied.

Jordan Brettell are specialist Party Wall Surveyors, with decades of expertise ensuring the requirements of the Party Wall Act are fulfilled for our Hemel Hempstead clients. Call Paul Brettell today on 07815 051255.

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