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As a Crouch End property owner starting to research the Party Wall Act you may have questions about the Party Wall Surveyor profession.  Let us try to answer a few for you.

What does a Party Wall Surveyor do?
A good Party Wall Surveyor can guide you through the entire requirements of the Party Wall Act.

However specifically a Party Wall Surveyor is needed to impartially prepare a Party Wall Agreement for you and your Crouch End neighbour to sign should your neighbour not give their written consent to a Party Wall Notice. The Party Wall Agreement is a detailed, legal document that details the terms of the building work to the party wall and sets out a schedule of condition to fairly adjudicate for damage claims.

Who pays for a Party Wall Surveyor?
The Crouch End property owner that is undertaking the building work will generally be responsible for paying the fees of a Party Wall Surveyor.

What qualifications does a Party Wall Surveyor require?
A Party Wall Surveyor does not require any formal qualifications, as set out by the Party Wall Act.  However given the legal intricacies and the value placed on property, it is highly advisable to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor with experience and with membership to the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

Jordan Brettell is a trusted firm of Party Wall Surveyors with experience and expertise to guide you through your Crouch End building project.

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