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The principal question that property owners in Hertford exploring the impact of the Party Wall Act 1996 want to know is –

Does the Party Wall Act apply to the development work that I am planning to carry out on my Hertford property?

Here is a list of examples of building work that you can undertake to your Hertford property that would come under the Party Wall Act:

  • If you are planning to repair or rebuild an internal wall or an external wall, shared by an adjoining Hertford property, the Party Wall Act will apply;
  • If you intend to cut into a party wall within your Hertford property for the purposes of inserting beams or damp-proofing for example, this would require adherence to the Party Wall Act;
  • In the event that you are going to remove a chimney breast or flue that is on a party wall within your Hertford property, you would be required to follow the requirements of the Party Wall Act;
  • Should you be raising or reducing the size of a shared garden wall you would have to observe the Party Wall Act;

The above provides a sense of the scope of the Party Wall Act but for accurate, exhaustive, detailed guidance on the development to your Hertford property please do contact Jordan Brettell, Party Wall Surveyors working in the Hertford area.

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