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The UK is a nation of property owners.  Although it is getting harder to get on the property ladder, it is still the aim of most.  And so if you are fortunate enough to own your Stoke Newington home, you have a vested interest in protecting it, maintaining and improving it, and insuring against damage.

We understand how important your Stoke Newington property is to you and we therefore want to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities according to the Party Wall Act 1996.

The Party Wall Act is written to protect you as a property owner, and your neighbours as owners of their properties.

The Party Wall Act enables you to carry out structural work to a shared internal or external wall within your Stoke Newington property and protects you from false claims of damage from your neighbours.

Likewise the Party Wall Act gives you a voice and assurances if your Stoke Newington neighbour decides to make structural changes to an adjoining wall, and helps you to seek fair recompense if damage is caused.

Jordan Brettell are specialist Party Wall Surveyors, with years of expertise ensuring the requirements of the Party Wall Act are fulfilled to the satisfaction of all parties. Call Paul Brettell today on 07815 051255.

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