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If you live in a terraced house or a semi-detached Finchley property you inevitably share internal and external walls, and if you live in one of Finchley’s flats you may also share the floors and ceilings.

So when you begin to plan developments and improvements to your Finchley home, it makes sense that you have to keep your neighbours informed.  Your adjoining Finchley property owners have a heavily vested interest in ensuring the work is carried out well and to schedule.

Issuing a Party Wall Notice to your Finchley neighbours is the first action required of you by The Party Wall Act of 1996, when making alterations to your property which impacts a shared wall or boundary.

A Party Wall Notice is simply a formal way of letting your adjoining Finchley neighbour know exactly what building work you are proposing and when it will take place.

Your Finchley neighbour has the option to consent or dispute the work set out in the Party Wall Notice.  Don’t worry – even in the case of a dispute, you will continue to have the right to do the work.  You will have to arrange for a Party Wall Agreement to be in place with your Finchley neighbour first.

Jordan Brettell would be happy to write the Party Wall Notice for you and if necessary draft a Party Wall Agreement. Get in touch with Paul Brettell today on 07815 051255.

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