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  1. Whether you are planning to renovate your property soon or hoping to do just that in future, it is paramount that you understand the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

    The Party Wall etc Act 1996 was implemented in July 1997 to prevent dispute among homeowners that share a wall when one of them intends to work on their property. However, it is mandatory to take into cognizance the party wall act if you are going to successfully finish any renovation work on your property.

    It is necessary for a surveyor to get you a party wall insurance to cover specific projects when boundaries are called into question and even more to have a cover plan in case of flying debris or damage of the adjoining owner property. The reason why the party wall is also necessary is to get paid if ant catastrophic comes to you or any of the workers while the project is one going.

    The Party Wall etc Act is a broad chunk of legislation that needs special and well vast surveyors to truly assist you and hasten your renovations. If you have a property in Chinatown, Call a surveyor from Jordan Brettell Limited or book an initial appointment with one of our surveyors now. Don’t worry it is free and will help you through the process.

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