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In 1996, the Party Wall Act came to life and was established. Despite the fact that some residents of Holborn don’t really understand what the Act is all about, one way or the other, they get to know once they have an ongoing building of a shared Wall. It might be required that you serve a Party Wall Notice before embarking on your project.

If you don’t serve a Party Wall Notice before building or making an adjustment to a shared Wall, there might be a future dispute between you and your neighbour. However, these disputes can be avoided if there is a highly experienced surveyor that should tell you all you need to know about a Party Wall.

 At Jordan Brettell, we offer you with the best of Party Wall services that you can find in Holborn, with a reduced cost. Although, we don’t make it compulsory for you to seek our services, but if you will be needing them, we are available to get started. We can help you put up a draft of your Party Wall Notice that will be informing your neighbour of your intents.

Once you contact us, we will offer you a first-time free consultation and then show you all you need to know and the right steps to take on a Party Wall.

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