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With green spaces, proximity to London and a safe environment Harrow is a popular place for young families to live. And what do young families need?  Space to grow!

So it isn’t unusual for owners of Harrow’s semi-detached, terraced homes and flats to extend their properties, convert lofts and create the space they need.

If this is your experience, and you are planning to extend or significantly improve your Harrow home, the work will most likely be subject to the Party Wall Act.

The Party Wall Act basically requires you to have the agreement of your adjoining Harrow neighbour before you carry out significant work to a shared wall, or undertake excavation work near your shared boundary.

The Party Wall Act sets out the notice period that you must give your Harrow neighbour and the details of what should be included within that notice (a Party Wall Notice).


Your adjoining Harrow neighbour then has the right to give their written consent, or force the appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor to draft a Party Wall Agreement, setting out detailed terms on which the building work can go ahead.

If you need a Party Wall Surveyor to draft a Party Wall Agreement for your Harrow home improvement or if you would just benefit from talking to a professional, Jordan Brettell can expertly guide you through the particulars of the Party Wall Act.  Call us on 07815 051255.

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