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We specialise in drafting Party Wall Agreements.

If you are planning work to a wall that you share with an adjoining Walthamstow property and you require a Party Wall Agreement before work can begin, get in touch on 07815 051255.

What should a Party Wall Agreement include?

  • A Party Wall Agreement will specify the details of the work being done to the party wall or shared boundary within your Walthamstow property – be it inserting beams for a loft conversion, excavation work for an extension, building a new external wall along the shared boundary or removing a chimney breast.
  • A Party Wall Agreement will include the start date and detailed terms on which the work on your Walthamstow party wall can proceed such as working hours and access arrangements.
  • The Party Wall Agreement will give details of insurance coverage and the financial responsibilities of the property owner doing the work if damage is caused.

A Party Wall Agreement will also typically include a Schedule of Condition of the adjoining Walthamstow property with photographic evidence.  This reduces the risk of a false compensation claims being made or a genuine compensation claim being dismissed.

Jordan Brettell has many years of experience drafting Party Wall Agreements for property owners in the Walthamstow area.  Get in touch for a free, initial discussion about your proposed project.

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