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Sometimes to keep costs down or to avoid unnecessary conflict, homeowners and developers decide when planning building work on their Hertford property not to serve a Party Wall Notice.

This is both a mistake and unlawful. Neglecting to serve a Party Wall Notice can lead to the opposite result, costing the Hertford property owner far more money and leading to far more animosity.

A Party Wall Notice is simply a way of letting your Hertford neighbour know that work is going to be carried out to the wall that both properties share. It lets your adjoining Hertford property owner know what the work will entail and when it will begin. Your neighbour then has two weeks to respond to your Party Wall Notice, giving written consent for the work to your Hertford property to go ahead or triggering a dispute.

The term ‘dispute’ can be daunting, but in this instance it shouldn’t be. The term is used to launch a process where a ‘Party Wall Agreement’ is drawn up between you and your neighbour.

The Party Wall Act which requires the drafting of Party Wall Notice and if necessary a Party Wall Agreement is for the protection of you as you do the building work to your Hertford home, and your neighbour. It ensures that everything is documented to such an extent that no false claims for damage can be made and conflict is kept to a minimum.

For advice on serving a Party Wall Notice to your Hertford neighbour call specialist Party Wall Surveyor Paul Brettell on 07815 051255.

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