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 Doing work on your home is often an exciting time, however you will of course need to ensure that everything is as it should be, so that you don’t end up with some kind of legal dispute along the way. If this is something that you are a little concerned about, then you might be wondering about whether you need to send the party wall notice Welwyn Garden City residents need to think about.

To put it simply, if you are hoping to get any kind of work done that involves a wall that you share with your neighbor, then you will indeed need to think about sending a notice to your neighbor. Although you don’t need to do so if the work is only minor, there is always some debate over what counts as minor – so if you’re not sure, you should always serve the notice, as it is better to be safe than sorry. You want your home to look as good as possible, so work will often be necessary, but it is incredibly important that you make sure everything is done properly, or there is a huge risk of being told that you’re not legally able to continue with the work – and that is of course a lot of stress that you would rather avoid.

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