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It helps to have an expert on your side when dealing with a legislative matter.  The Party Wall Act is no exception.

Jordan Brettell is a Party Wall Surveyor firm that has been providing expert advice to Enfield property owners about the Party Wall Act for decades.  Our experience and expertise as a Party Wall Surveyor can be invaluable to Enfield property owners as they navigate the process of preparing and undertaking work on a party wall.

As with all legislation, terminology can be the first hurdle to get over when trying to understand The Party Wall Act.  As Party Wall Surveyors we can help with definitions and enable you to understand the legislation without jargon so you can be free to get on with what needs to be done to your Enfield property.

To start you off, here are some handy definitions as you embark on your Enfield Party Wall related development:

Party Wall: A wall shared by two property owners or a wall used to separate two or more buildings.

Party Wall Notice: A legal document sent to the owner of the adjoining building that shares the party wall giving notice of the proposed plans. The adjoining owner can give consent or can dissent.

Dispute: If the adjoining owner does not consent to a Party Wall Notice the owners are in dispute.  This means a Party Wall Agreement has to be drafted and agreed to.

A Party Wall Surveyor can be used to draft a Party Wall Notice or a Party Wall Agreement for the work on your Enfield property.

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