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25 years ago, Jordan Brettell had a mission to help stop and prevent disputes between neighbors especially adjoining owner, and until 1996 when the Party Wall etc Act was implemented made this process easier as it brought a set of guidelines that have helped with the way we make improvements to our properties without annoying the next person.

Who is a party wall surveyor?

If you want to do any home improvement on your property in Primrose Hill, it will help to know that a Party wall is necessary for existing building or fresh grounds. Surveyors from Jordan Brettell are specialist in the matter concerning Party Walls and will help you get along with your neighbor without any worries.

For the past two decades, we have handles properties from simple single apartments to public property with lots of room, large spaces, and even massive walls.

Why surveyors are essential?

Asides from the dispute, the act is to prevent innocent homeowners from falling victims to the huge fines levied by the law when you don’t follow the rules which can set you back and stop any kind of work on the property.

For more information, visit our website or call us for a meeting. We are here for you and your property in Primrose Hill.

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