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We aren’t surprised when Stevenage homeowners tell us that they have never encountered a Party Wall Surveyor before. Party Wall Surveyors are a very specialised group and you aren’t likely to consider our services until you get into the detail of planning a specific project to your Stevenage property that impacts a shared wall or boundary.

So, as you embark upon your Stevenage development, you may have a few questions about the Party Wall Surveyor profession.

What does a Party Wall Surveyor do?
In the event that your Stevenage neighbour doesn’t give written consent to a Party Wall Notice, the Party Wall Surveyor(s) will impartially prepare a Party Wall Agreement. This agreement will be signed by both the Stevenage property owners of the shared party wall before building work goes ahead. It is a detailed, legal document that generally details the terms of the work and the schedule of condition.

Do I need a Party Wall Surveyor to draft a Party Wall Notice?
It isn’t necessary to employ a Party Wall Surveyor to draft the Party Wall Notice prior to your Stevenage development. However Party Wall Surveyors, such as Jordan Brettell, have considerable experience. They will efficiently ensure that all the necessary information is included, safeguarding the legitimacy of the Party Wall Notice.

Who pays for a Party Wall Surveyor?
In general it is the owner of the Stevenage property that is embarking on the development that will pay the fees of a Party Wall Surveyor.

Jordan Brettell is a professional firm of Party Wall Surveyors with all the necessary expertise to guide you through your Stevenage building project

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