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Once the decision to work on your property is initiated; your next step is to get notices served to all adjoining neighbors in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996. The Party Wall act is an agreement that informs the co-owner/owners of any future work on the property.

Before work can begin on your property; all notices sent forth must be signed, and the project must be within the guidelines of the Party Wall etc act 1996.

However, when all the owners do not agree with the plans, then you need a surveyor who can act as an agreed surveyor to solve the matter amicably. The surveyor ensures that disputes and grudges are reduced to the barest minimum and the party Wall matter is sped up for both the owner and co-owners.

Jordan Brettell Limited are Party Wall specialist surveyor, and our team includes members of the Party Wall surveyor community and will organize a free initial system with you before officially choose if you want to continue working with us.

For a specialist and professional services, call us today on 07815051255, and we will have to send one of our staff to your property in the Grange Park area to certify that it fits the guidelines of the Party Wall etc act before work truly begins.

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