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The Party Wall etc Act, 1996 makes is compulsory for homeowners to serve notices to their neighbors when building on or near a boundary line, making any change to an existing wall or structure on the boundary line, or excavating near the neighbor’s property.

However, homeowners fail to do the needful either because of inadequate knowledge of the Party Wall Act or ignorant of the procedure. Jordan Brettell has professional surveyors at your beck and call to help you determine if the upcoming project falls under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 which was passed to prevent any dispute among neighbors due to the noise of work done on an adjoining property.

Furthermore, the surveyor is your guide in dialoguing with your neighbors and getting the necessary paperwork served and sign without any hassle. Jordan Brettell Limited will also help you get the required reply and serve a counter-notice where necessary.

Aside from the above listed, we also act as the impartial agreed surveyor in cases where the party decide to appoint a joint surveyor on the Party Wall matter.

If you are making any home improvement in the West Hampstead whether small or big, call us today on 07815051255 for a free initial consultation with an expert, unbiased opinion.

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