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If you are doing work in your garden at the moment, then you may not realise that you might have to send your neighbor the party wall notice St Albans properties are legally required to send before completing certain types of work. Because your garden wall isn’t actually a part of your property, you may fall foul of the belief that this means you don’t have to inform your neighbor when something needs to be done – but this isn’t the case.

In fact, if the wall goes onto your neighbour’s land at all, you will need to let them know what you plan to do. Even if you believe that the work is only minor, it is always best to tell them, as this means that they can be prepared for what is happening, and they are less likely to be against it if you have let them know. Certainly, if the work will affect the part of the wall that is on their land they will need to know – and you are legally obliged to tell them. With this being the case, it makes sense to hire a surveyor to find out where you stand. It is better to find out now than further down the line.

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