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If you live in or within areas close to Clerkenwell and you are in need of services of a Party Wall Surveyors, you can put a call across to us at Jordan Brettell so that we can discuss all you will have to do in accomplishing this goal.

You can have an initial an initial conservation with us today where we will be discussing the Party Wall Notice you need to give out to your adjoining property owner as you embark on developing your Clerkenwell property.

You will know all you have to do after the initial conversation you have with us but we can if you desire that we draft for you a well-planned and written Party Wall Notice you intend to serve to your Party Wall neighbour in Clerkenwell.

One of the most important steps that you will be required to take while trying to serve your adjoining Party Wall neighbour in Clerkenwell is to consider the timescale of the notice as it is also dependent on the type of project you are embarking on. We at Jordan Brettell have more than enough experts trained in the area of Party Wall and have been practicing over the years within the regions of Clerkenwell. That is why you will have no regret turning to us for help when it comes to Party Wall legislation.

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