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Do you know that 80 percent of homeowners don’t have any idea about the Party Wall etc Act 1996? However, with a good surveyor in the Gospel Oak area like Jordan Brettell Limited, you can be sure that all parties involved are pleased with the documentation according to the act 1996.

Why you need a surveyor?

Some of the reasons why you need a party wall surveyor are

  • To notify all adjoining owners of the job and to ensure that it falls within the scope of the party wall act.
  • To ensure that all owners are served with the notice prior to the project commencing
  • To settle any dispute arising from the notice in case an owner refuses to sign or consent to it
  • To get the paperwork done to avoid any running with the law
  • To be the agreed surveyor for both parties to aid the job to go faster

With the above listed, call us today at 07815051255, or email us to set an appointment date for free with one of our surveyor for free. We will walk you through the process, explaining your rights and saving you any trouble with the law or your neighbors.

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