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  1. Nobody can stop a renovation from happening but the law recognizes the importance of good neighbors and hence the party wall act must be upheld without fail. With that said most homeowners don’t even know about the Party Wall etc Act 1996 until work has begun on their property. This can cause disputes between the owners and their adjoining owners who feel their rights are violated

    To avoid such incidents, Party wall surveyors are called to access the matter and come up with a viable solution that is pleasing to all. A very tangible solution is speaking to all adjoining neighbors one on one before sending the necessary notice that will detail the work and how long it will take etc.

    The surveyor plays a very interesting part in a party wall dispute as they understand better the process involved and are able to draw the line between overdoing it and falling behind. Furthermore, they will within the rules and ensure that all stay according to the law.

    Finding a surveyor should not be difficult with Jordan Brettell Limited in your backyard; they are a group of party wall surveyors with over 25 years of handling matters and disputes relating to Party walls.

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