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A building owner planning any work on their property is bound by some legal obligations to serves notices in writing to all adjoining owners before affecting the renovations. However, it is paramount and vital that the notices stay within and in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 as failure to adhere can be dire and a delay to the renovations on the property.

Why do I need to serve a notice to my neighbors?

Proposing a construction relating to the party wall is a delicate matter that needs to be treated with caution. However, party walls are separations that demarcate the start and end of each property and their limit. Owners fail to adhere to this simple law and fall prey to the long arms of the law.

The notice serves several purposes, one of which is to get a signed affirmation that the adjoining owners are on-board with the renovation and won’t complain later on.  The notice also allows you to get all other aspects ready pending the regulated date of two weeks. If you are planning a renovation in the Knightsbridge vicinity and need a professional party wall surveyor to help you out with the entire process, get in touch with Jordan Brettell Limited for the top of the class surveyors.

To get you started, we also insist on an initial free consultation where all matters relating to the party wall are discussed before the work starts. Click here to call us today.

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