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If you are planning to undertake work to a shared wall or boundary within your Hertford property you may have heard of the need for a Party Wall Agreement.

But what is a Party Wall Agreement? And do you really need a Party Wall Agreement as you proceed with the building work to your Hertford home?

The first question to answer is, does the development work that you are planning to your home or commercial property in Hertford, involve:

  • excavation work;
  • work to a shared wall (including the shared ceiling or floor within a flat);
  • or the boundary of the premises?

If so you should certainly investigate the need to abide by the terms of the Party Wall Act 1996.

This will involve informing your adjoining Hertford neighbour of the work to the party wall in the form of a Party Wall Notice. It is in the event that your Hertford neighbour does not provide written consent for the work to the party wall that your surveyor will be required to prepare a Party Wall Agreement.

This Party Wall Agreement (also known as a Party Wall Award) will ensure that the work to your Hertford property follows agreed guidelines, details the condition of the party wall etc before the work commences and protects the rights of both you and your neighbour, ensuring no false claims can be made.

To advise you in detail on the need for a Party Wall Agreement speak to Jordan Brettell, the specialist Party Wall Surveyor firm based close to Hertford. Call 07815 051255 for free initial advice.


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