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  1. Most homeowners are oblivious of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and really don’t see the relevance of the law. However, with the increasing need for urban area living, the law is hitting down difficult on residents all over London and the Knightsbridge area and the surrounding are not different.

    The need for a good surveyor comes into play when homeowners seeking additional space in a current space or as they prepare to move to a new space with a big family.

    But how can homeowners work on their property with the looming law of the party wall act and the conflicting characters from adjoining owner or owner? The best way is to find a good surveyor that understands the Party Wall etc Act and explain the context of the law for the owners involved.

    Who to choose in the Knightsbridge area?

    The best and professional Party Wall Surveyor in Knightsbridge is from Jordan Brettell; this is a team of experts with over 25 years experience and long dealings with clients and adjoining owners without disputes.

    So if you need to do some urgent work on your property, and need the paperwork done, call us today for an initial free of charge meeting to discuss the Party Wall etc Act 1996 on 07815051255 now.

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