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Do you happen to be in or around Holloway and are trying to make some party wall repairs or constructing a new one? Or even want to do any digging near a party wall and don’t know how to get about doing the party wall survey and notice serving? Then, lucky you because there is a good news for you! The Jordan brettell party walls professionals are just a stone throw away. Our office and services are available 24/7 and you won’t be disappointed you made that call.

Our professionals are here to explain everything you need to know to make all the work you want to do very successful.

  • They will come around to inspect the place and the kind of work you want to carry out.
  • They will advice you appropriately.
  • The will prepare all paper works necessary for the party wall
  • and they will serve notice to all whom are concern

You see, this is that simple! So, if you are still in doubt as to what next to do, just come in and talk to one of our professionals and clear out the air. You can find us on- Jordan Brettell Limited, Clibbons Cottage,85 Bramfield Road,Datchworth, Hertfordshire,SG3 6SA.Telephone: 01438 798870.Mobile: 07815 051 255 or just mail us on Email:

Herts Office

Phone: 01438 798 870
Mobile: 07815 051 255



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