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If you live in Covent Garden and have some improvement to do on your property, then call us today. However, if you have a difficult neighbor and think he/she is less likely to consent to the planned project, then you need a surveyor immediately to follow through with the party Wall Act 1996.

What is a Party Wall Notice?

Prior to the wall notice, it is paramount to have a word or two with the adjoining neighbor to inform them of the job you are about to embark upon and then drop the notice off as stated by the law. The process of getting the documentation done and serving the notice is where we come in. Jordan Brettell Limited will take the time to follow through and perform all the need full for whatever work you need to do on your property.

It is vital that all documentation is properly done before working on the property. Jordan Brettell surveyor will deliver all paperwork to all concerned and act as the agreed surveyor in confusing situations too.

Call us and arrange for a free consultation to know your rights and the legal action to take when a dispute arises and how to avoid a fine today. Jordan Brettell Limited is your best surveyor in Covent Garden.

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