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Getting the right surveyor team on your side during a Party Wall dispute is all that matters in Farringdon. The Party wall etc act 1996 was passed into law for all home renovation not limited to working near a boundary, lowered ceiling, or major project within the property. The services of a surveyor in the Farringdon area comes into play to help identify who has the boundary and what kind of work can be performed near the boundary, identify is a shared wall or driveway to verify the concerns and settle the disputes.

 The surveyor is also responsible for identifying the ways to go about the improvement of your building and avoid any complications it might cause with your neighbors; they also provide a full assessment of the legal responsibilities of the parties involved and charges needed to cover all the changes in the original plan.

So with the above listed, chances are a home improvement will lead to a dispute that can be settled under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, but with a surveyor involved, the party wall issue can be settled without the need of a dispute by any party. The surveyor acts as the agreed surveyor to all the party and in unbiased in taking into account the details concerning the project.

If you are within Farringdon, get in touch with Jordan Brettell Limited for a free consultation on Party Wall matters.

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